1. First, transfer the DN300Z.BIN file from the zip file onto a USB drive. Make sure no other files on the drive contain the same name. This is done by double clicking the firmware file on the Denon Professional website and a zip file will download onto your computer. Open this file and drag the file labeled DN300Z.BIN onto the Root Directory (main file folder) of the USB drive. 

2. Eject the USB drive from your computer and then manually remove it. 

3. Turn off the DN-300Z

4. Input the USB with new firmware into the USB drive on the front panel of the DN-300Z.

5. Power on the DN-300Z, wait roughly 10 seconds until the device recognizes the firmware.

6. When the screen of the DN-300Z says Version UP, the curser should automatically fall on OK, it will look like this >OK<. Push the tuning knob on the far fight of the unit inward to activate update. If the curser is on CANCEL you can rotate the knob until the curser is on the desired setting. 

7. Then the screen will prompt you to press play, you will see the old firmware number along with two arrows (>>) pointing to the new version. Now press the PLAY/PAUSE button on the right of the DN-300Z.

8. Now the unit will start to update, do not turn the DN-300Z off.

9. When the update is complete (the screen will tell you when) power off the DN-300Z.

10. Make sure to remove the USB before you turn the unit back on. If the USB you used to update the firmware is the drive that contains your music please delete the file containing the firmware from the USB drive before inserting it back into the DN-300Z.